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T1 - Nyfynd av Heppia lutosa på Öland. AU - Westberg, Martin. AU - Fröberg, Lars. PY - 2004. Y1 - 2004. N2 - A new find of the rare and red-listed lichen Heppia lutosa was made near Tornrör on the NE part of the Great Alvar during a lichenological excursion to Öland in april 2001. Home Admissions Study at Lund University Bachelor's & Master's studies Exchange & study abroad PhD studies Distance learning & MOOCs Vetenskapligt Heppia lutosa (Ach.) Nyl. Svenskt heppia Andra språk.

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The collection has more than 310,000 specimens, placing it among the largest in the Great Plains. The largest parts of the collection are, in descending order, from Nebraska, the Great Plains, the Rocky Mountains, other parts of North America Heppia is a genus of olive, brownish, gray, or blackish squamulose, crustose, or peltate lichens. It is in the family Heppiaceae. It grows on rock or soil in arid sites around the world, in habitats similar to those favored by Peltula, which is similar but has a different cyanobacterium as the photobiont.

It is in the family Heppiaceae. It grows on rock or soil in arid sites around the world, in habitats similar to those favored by Peltula, which is similar but has a different cyanobacterium as the photobiont.

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NT kalkkrimmerlav. Rinodina calcarea.

Heppia lutosa

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Heppia lutosa

Lower side lacking cellular cortex ----- 32 6. GENERA 32. Lower surface with rhizines and veins or broad areas of compact tomentum; apothecia on tips of Heppia lutosa (Ach.) Nyl. From Arizona State University Lichen Herbarium. Continent: North America: Country: United States: State/Province: Arizona: County/Parish: Coconino: Locality: Grand Canyon National Park, N-facing Tributary Canyon Just South Of The Colorado River And Ca. 1 Km From Phantom Ranch: Latitude: 36.1: Longitude The Bessey Herbarium was founded in 1874, making it among the oldest in the Great Plains states of Colorado, Kansas, Montana, North Dakota, and Nebraska.

Das grosse südlische Alvar der Insel  Här växa t. ex. den sydliga Heppia lutosa (BP 1 946 a) och den nordliga Ochrolechia upsaliensis (karta fig. 58). o. Fig. 58. Solorina spongiosa, Ochrolechia  Heppia (Heppia lutosa) är en lavart som först beskrevs av Erik Acharius, och fick sitt nu gällande namn av William Nylander.
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Sydlig sotlav. Cyphelium notarist i.

Truet. Heppia lutosa (Ach.) Nyl. Kategori - kritisk truet CR. Vurdering. Utført av ekspertkomité for lav.
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Comments: Some (reduced) forms of H. lutosa are superficially similar to members of the Collema tenax group (e.g., C. coccophorum, C. tenax var. corallinum), but in those species the spores are septate, not nonseptate as in H. lutosa Heppia lutosa (Ach.) Nyl. WildNet taxon ID 23155 Nature Conservation Act 1992 (NCA) status Least concern Conservation significant No Confidential No Endemicity Native = Heppia virescens (Despr.) Nyl. Nyl. Location: Oregon, Wallowa County, Blue Mountains, Sled Springs Date: 2010-05-04 Photo by: Curtis Björk Notes: On basalt-derived soil, meadow in forest clearing, upper montane → Heppia → Heppia lutosa (Ach.) Nyl. Heppia lutosa (Ach.) Nyl. Syn.Meth.Lich. 2: 45 (1863) Conservation Code: Not threatened Naturalised Status: Native to Western Heppia lutosa is paraplectenchymatous throughout, but Peltula clavata and P. richardsii have no cortices at all.

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sp., eine neue planktische Chrysomonade. *heppia, Heppia lutosa.

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Bacidina inundata · Coenogonium luteum · Endocarpon petrolepideum · Eopyrenula intermedia · Eopyrenula leucoplaca · Hymenelia epulotica · Heppia lutosa.

Symbol Key - HELU6. Common Name - heppia lichen. Family - Heppiaceae. Category - Lichen. Division - Ascomycota Heppia lutosa Family Lichens Family Rank Collector C. Russell Collector Number 142 Event Date 1898-05 Continent North America Country USA State/Province Missouri County Jefferson Locality Crystal City Collection Code Lichens Institution Code MICH Modified 2017-11-24 ID b84718d4-57d9-42b1-acfb-54d52ff21069 Occurrence ID b84718d4-57d9-42b1-acfb-54d52ff21069 Atlas of Living Australia. Try the new interface with pre-filtering of search results based on data quality metrics Heppia lutosa (Ach.) Nyl. kingdom Fungi - fungi » class Lichinomycetes » order Lichinales » family Lichinaceae » genus Heppia - heppia lichen Spores hyaline, 8 per ascus, non-septate ----- Heppia lutosa 31. Lower side with cellular cortex, with bare areas; lobes large and broad ----- Lobaria 31.