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There are several large arbitrage funds with a debt exposure of 15-20% (see chart). Though most mutual funds try to manage the debt portion safely, it is impossible to avoid debt-related risks completely. This is because a default can occur even in AAA rated companies. The Fund seeks investment results that track, before fees and expenses, the price and yield performance of the IQ Merger Arbitrage Index. The Index seeks to achieve capital appreciation by investing in global companies for which there has been a public announcement of a takeover by an acquirer. Alternative mutual funds seek to mimic popular hedge fund strategies such as market neutral, event-driven, distressed debt, and merger arbitrage in order to achieve alpha. Market Neutral – Merger Arbitrage Overview of Strategy Market Neutral strategies generally go long and short the market.

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Analyze the Fund NexPoint Merger Arbitrage Fund Class Z having Symbol HMEZX for type mutual-funds and perform research on other mutual funds. Learn more about mutual funds at fidelity.com. Merger arbitrage has become a popular investment strategy used both by professional capital allocators and retail investors alike. In fact, the combined assets under management of M&A hedge funds has increased 5x over the last decade (to $72bn in 2019), while the combined value of all the deals done in 2019 in North America reaches $2 trillion dollars. Since the launch of our flagship fund, The Merger Fund, in 1989, we have evaluated more than 10,000 potential transactions, and invested in over 4,500 corporate reorganizations, over 98% of which were completed. Our current management team has worked together for more than 20 years.

We break down the basics of one of the most common investment vehicles for new investors. Mutual funds are one of the most common investments for new 7 Apr 2021 Please read and consider the prospectus carefully before investing.

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(2) Expense ratios are as of the April 29, 2020 prospectus. Merger Arbitrage; the role of antitrust analysis.

Merger arbitrage mutual funds

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Merger arbitrage mutual funds

Laffitte Capital Management’s Risk Arbitrage fund is up 5.3% over the 12 months to February this year. Merger arbitrage strategies have performed well in recent years, according to the firm. UBS said the strategy has generated "the most consistent alpha across all hedge fund strategies," followed by fixed income relative value: The firm's analysts went on to explain why they believe merger arbitrage strategies will remain strong in 2019.

Investments in  7 May 2020 The Water Island Merger Arbitrage USD Hedged Index employs a four series of mutual funds offered in The Arbitrage Funds: Arbitrage Fund,  IMST Distributors, LLC is the distributor for the Vivaldi Merger Arbitrage Fund and the Vivaldi Multi-Strategy Fund. Investing involves risk. Principal loss is possible.
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Rankings U.S. News evaluated 94 Market Neutral Funds. Merger arbitrage mutual funds and exchange-traded funds can help you reduce your portfolio's volatility.

The example assumes that you invest $10,000 in the Fund for the time periods indicated and then redeem all of your shares at the end of those periods. The example also assumes that your investment has a 5% return each year and that the Fund’s operating expenses remain the same. Naturally, index funds have begun to take up an ever increasing share of equity mutual fund assets in the U.S. Index domestic equity mutual funds and index-based exchange-traded funds (ETFs), have benefited from a trend toward more passive investment products.
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2The Catamaran Corp. merger arbitrage example is provided for information purposes only.

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