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Adverb, Comparative, Superlative. badly, worse, worst. far, farther/further, farthest/furthest. little, less, least.

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Adjektiv. most distant or remote. "man's farthest goal"  Longest Plank - Guinness World Records. 7,318,451 views7.3M views.

Farther refers to distance and Further refers anything else other than distance and the continuation of something. It usually means in addition to or moreover.

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Farthest or Furthest: Which is Correct? Both words are correct, depending on the context of usage.

Farthest vs furthest

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Farthest vs furthest

You're  The use of the definite article before a superlative indicates that it is comparative. "The furthest away" compares the object to other things which  Furthest is a superlative - meaning to the greatest extent or at the greatest distance, just like farthest. "Let's see who can throw the ball the  However, farther means a greater distance in a literal, physical sense i.e. it can be measured, whereas further is a greater figurative or metaphorical distance.

Farther vs.
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The same distinction is made between farthest and furthest, e.g.: the farthest point from the  are farthest away or the farthest away?

This creates quite a confusing situation. In summary, farthest vs furthest have been used interchangeably and misused due to its closeness in meaning and usage. Though both words are of course used to describe distance or degree of distance, the context and conceptual usage is different. Furthest (adverb) At the greatest distance; farthest.
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Or pour dire “plus loin“, on doit dire, soit “farther” soit “further“. Quelle est la  Farther vs Further.

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Farther English Examples, Or, Book of Cautions for Children

Recent Examples on the Web The Bayview, for instance, has one of the lowest median household incomes in the city, at just over $65,000, yet is one of the neighborhoods furthest ahead in vaccinating residents beyond the high-priority baseline. The same distinction is made between farthest and furthest, e.g.: the farthest point from the sun The first team has gone furthest in its analysis.

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(ˈfɑrðər ).

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